Massive Election Fraud in Macedonian town of Kichevo as over 6000 Illegal voters arrive
Sunday, 15 October 2017

Dozens of buses have arrived from multiple countries organized by Macedonia's DUI, the junior partner in the Government led by Zaev.

According to our police sources in Kichevo, confirmed by video evidence, the local police has been ordered to stand down and allow this massive electoral fraud to proceed unimpeded.

Many of the people bused to Kichevo are not Macedonian citizens, but residents of Kosovo with ties to DUI and Ali Ahmeti who live in Switzerland, Germany etc. DUI has picked up their tabs for the trip to Macedonia, as one would expect.

Even Albanian language portal Tetova Sot states that many of these "migrants" as it calles them have no Macedonian identification papers of any kind and have never been to Macedonia before! What is even more bizarre, literally all of the voters who arrived are men.

So far, over 6,000 illegal voters have arrived, which is 16% of the total population of the city. The numbers will only grow tomorrow as some buses have yet to arrive in the country.

Kichevo has a population of 25,000 residents out of which 17,000 are Macedonians, yet the mayor is ethnic Albanian thanks to the inclusion of the village of Zajas (5,000) within the city's newly expanded borders, and the thousands of illegal voters who arrive during each election cycle.

This massive election fraud is happening in front of the eyes of Macedonian election "monitors" and foreign ones, such as OSCE.


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