SDSM attempts Election Fraud in multiple towns, voting stopped...
Sunday, 15 October 2017

 At municipalities where the ruling SDSM was facing major defeat, election fraud unfolder after which the local electoral commission stopped the voting process.

In Nerezi, at voting place #2618, voting ballots were missing for people who showed up to vote. This means that prior voters were given multiple ballots per person. 

In Vlae, at votin place #2645, similar scenario unfolded. SDSM activists were given multiple ballots per person in an effort to create "Bulgaian train" where one voter submits 3-4 ballots.

Voting was stopped at voting poll #2479 in the Skopje suburb of Zelezara, because an SDSM council member gave voters ballots where he had already circled (voted) for the candidate of his choice because his daughter is an SDSM city council candidate. The alarm was raised by three voters who said their ballots came with #19 circled ahead of time!

In Karposh, the same scenario unfolded. According to local media, this gives the SDSM more time to exert pressure on voters, as now the vote must be repeated at all the locations were election fraud took place thanks to the SDSM.

How this pressure looks like, Safet Bishevac, former employee at A1 TV and current SDSM MP in Parliament was seen walking in Skopje neighborhoods knocking door to door telling people to vote for SDSM. This too is highly illegal as Bishevac is campaigning on election day.



Here is the SDS Director of Social services seen in Prilep walking around the Roma neighborhood meeting with voters as they head out to vote!

As of 1pm, this is how many people have votes thus far:


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