PM Jess Baily has trouble showing Macedonia's election results
Sunday, 15 October 2017

The SEC website whose job is to show Macedonia's local election results live is an absolute mess. The number of votes do not match percentages, in numerous towns DPMNE seems to be straight up missing.

In Aerodrom (pop 80,000), where incumbent DPMNE mayor Ivica Konevski is up for re-election, the number of votes for DPMNE are simply missing, even though the SEC painted the Skopje suburb with red color, meaning the DPMNE mayor is leading in the mayoral race!

The SEC is suppose to have an automated system, yet, how could numbers (votes) be missing?

No one expected SDS run elections to go smoothly, so lets see where the latest electoral fraud and shenanigans take us. The SEC also failed to update the voter turnout results at closing times. This is an absolute must, but it was somehow skipped. There were at least five towns that had voter turnout in the 30th percent with two hours of voting time left. Cities like Gostivar, Tetovo, Zelino, Lipkovo, Vrapcishte… were in the low 30’s.


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