Former SDS official: Brutal Electoral Fraud in Macedonia, 120,000 VMRO votes removed
Monday, 16 October 2017

The DPMNE always delivers at minimum of 450,000 votes, during each election cycle - says former high ranking SDS official Ljupco Palevski in an interview with TV Nova.

During this election, despite lower voter turnout, we know for a fact that the entire DPMNE voting body was out and voting. Yet, the results are drastically different from all the years before - says Palevski and continued:

This is because of the local voters list. Even though people were voting, it didn't matter. It didn't matter who voted and who counted the votes. What matters is who prepared the voter list. All voter lists at local level are sent to the SEC. We will let you vote, yes, but your vote is not counted because the official voter list, the one that goes to the SEC is different, shortened and you're not on it. The VMRO-DPMNE areas in Macedonia saw their voting list shortened by 250-300 people daily since the elections in December of 2016. This means over 120,000 VMRO voters have been removed from local lists across the country. The SEC which is controlled by Zaev used their own data to identify which areas in Macedonia have the biggest concentration of VMRO voters. Then at local levels the voters lists were changed quite simply be removing VMRO voters. You can't commit bigger fraud than this - explained Palevski.

To given you an example, what Palevski essentially explained is the following: Lets say a local polling station welcomes 200 voters, presumably 150 are DPMNE supporters and 50 are SDS supporters. However, the 'official' voter list that gets sent to the SEC has only 75 voters/votes on it. As a result of this, the SEC will report 25 votes for DPMNE and 50 for SDS, making SDS the winner!

Considering Palevski was a long time high ranking SDS official, if there is someone who knows SDS' dirty tricks, it's him. His interview for Nova TV, in addition to the fraud already reported makes this the biggest electoral fraud in Macedonia, and we have had some pretty bad elections in the 1990s.

Palevski is the one who sent us photo of CIA operatives within the US Embassy in Skopje meeting with SDS officials in coffee shops in Skopje at 11:30pm. Palevski was briefly detained by Zaev's police, just one day after being installed in power. 

Update: Palevski was right! Bizarre examples of electoral fraud are coming in this morning, reported by Macedonian press where DPMNE votes are simply erased. The smaller the municipality the easier to uncover the election fraud. A village of 75 people, reports Infomax, which has at minimum 40 DPMNE voters registered during each election cycle now had 0 DPMNE votes! All DPMNE votes were scrapped despite residents confirming they voted for DPMNE! In larger cities DPMNE votes were reduced by as much as 50% using the technique described by Ljupco Palevski. Ironically, this very technique for electoral fraud and manipulation is used by Albania's Edi Rama to keep himself in power.


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