Police in Veles stopped and locked up reidents during election vote
Thursday, 19 October 2017

Under the new Srors (SDS) led Government, Macedonian police has transformed into a different type of service, that has nothing to do with policing.

At times it acts as taxi service for criminals, it attacks opposition candidates, it follows journalists all the way to their homes... During the elections in Veles, Kurir and Infomax report the Ministry of Interior sent over 200 heavily armed EBR members, one of the elite units of MOI to intimidate Veles residents.

Veles voters heading to the polls were turned back, cars were stopped searched and sent back, then to spice thins up EBR policemen gave cash to the poor Roma residents asking them to vote for the SDS candidate.

Around 6pm EBR policemen stopped citizens leaving a polling place. After finding out they were not SDS symphatisers it locked several of them in the polling station bathroom as a way to intimidate the rest.

Welcome to the new and crazy Macedonia.

Meanwhile, political analyst and UKIM professor Aleksandar Dastevski says even the loonies at SDS are uneasy about the electoral fraud because they crossed every imaginable border.

 "VMRO-DPMNE are missing 120,000 voters. We expected for the SDS to steal roughly 30-40,000 thousand, but they wiped out 120,000 just in case to secure their win across the board. Now there are daily reports of police abuse and literally preventing people to vote, we now know votes from one city somehow found themselves in another city, we know of "Bulgarian train" at numerous polling stations close to the SDS where there are more votes than registered voters which points out to obvious ballot staffing. We also know of fabricated voters list and fabricated results sent to the SEC which is under SDS control. This elections are invalid and the SDS knows it", says Dashtevski in his interview with TV Nova.

Dashtevski added Gruevski should never quit his post as president of VMRO-DPMNE. "Let SDS financiers and sponsors spend more money for removing Gruevski, they've been doing it for years now" concluded Dashtevski.


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