SDSM used 1994 tactics to commit massive elecotral fraud in Macedonia
Thursday, 19 October 2017

Macedonia’s local elections are turning into a complete farce as every passing minute more fraud is discovered literally in every city. After Skopje and Bitola, massive electoral fraud is now uncovered in Ohrid, Veles, Karposh and Strumica. Kurir reports that the popular “Bulgarian train” tactic of ballot staffing widely used by SDSM in 1994 was now uncovered in both Ohrid and Strumica.

Namely, voting ballots from Veles after being ‘counted’ there somehow found their way in Strumica and were ‘counted’ there as well. To be precise, Veles ballots with SDS candidates already circled found themselves in ballot boxes at polling station 1718 in Strumica. This would explain the huge delays by the SEC in displaying the results. Same ballots were traveling from one to another, and in many cases to a third city.

Similarly, voting ballots in Karposh, were transferred and found their way into ballot boxes in Ohrid. At polling stations 1310/1 and 1262 in Ohrid, voting ballots from Karposh were uncovered similarly to the example above. A classic “Bulgarian train” of ballot stuffing.

In Prilep, residents who went to vote were told they’ve already voted, were even shown fabricated evidence that someone has already submitted a ballot in their name!

In Resen, at polling station 1631/16 ballots with identical serial numbers were discovered, all of whom were votes for the SDSM. This is impossible to happen unless the ballots were made multiple copies of for ballot stuffing purposes, which is precisely what happened. This is a major criminal offense. 

The State Electoral Commission which is ironically run by the SDSM is complicit in this massive electoral fraud. The SEC has already received hundreds of complaints from political parties to nullify the voting across the country due to massive fraud. The SEC (SDSM) has certainly no intentions to do so.

In Skopje, the DPMNE on Monday submitted multiple cases of electoral fraud to the SEC where the voters lists at local level do not match those sent to the SEC. The SEC stated the voter list fraud is not a good reason to nullify results! Actually, you can’t get a better reason to make the vote invalid. But the SEC is not independent, far from it. The SEC head and SDSM official Aleksandar Chachikovski disappeared for 7 hours during last year’s (December 2016) general elections. When he came back, he said he needed a ‘nap’ while the election results were coming in! In reality, Chachikovski was meeting with the US Ambassador Jess Baily discussing how to turn the results in SDSM's favor. For 7 hours!

Now, Kurir just reported that the SEC has refused to hold a session live on camera (as it has always done) to discuss the SDSM election fraud.

What is even more remarkable is that the fraud continues unabated for the second election run in municipalities where the SDSM ran out of time to stuff ballot boxes. SDSM officialls are visiting Roma neighborhoods and give them cash, cooking oil and flour in exchange for a vote and they do this in front of the cameras because, as they put it: “it doesn’t matter, we control the police and prosecution”.

And they are right, not a single person has been detained or questioned during the elections.


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