Fraud: Macedonia's opposition and junior Government partner do Not recognize Election results
Sunday, 29 October 2017

Today, in Staro Nagoricane the SEC committed fraud by taking VMRO-DPMNE 62 votes and simply (flipped) gave them to SDSM who received only 17 votes!! As far as the State Electoral Commission is concerned, the SDSM won in Staro Nagoricane.

The second round of Macedonia's local elections were once again marred by massive fraud that similarly to the first round saw ballot stuffing, bribery of voters near polling station spiced up with the decision by US Ambassador Jess Baily who turned into an SDSM activist and decided to intidimate voters at polling stations by urging them to vote for the SDSM.

As a result of this, the Macedonian opposition led by VMRO-DPMNE officially stated it does not recognize the election results. "These were by far the most undemocratic elections in Macedonia's history and as such cannot be recognized as valid" - stated Gruevski. In addition, DPMNE's leader issued seven requests to the SDSM and their activist US ambassador Jess Baily:

1. Organizing of new early Parliamentary elections in accordance with the Przino Agreement which will be overseen by an interim Government in the same way the elections of 2016 were held.

2. Immediate removal from office of the SDSM appointed director for Media and appointing of an individual nominated by the opposition.

3. Immediate removal from office of SDSM appointed SEC head Aleksandar Chichakovski who has repeatedly broken the law in favor of the SDSM. The SEC head must be nominated by the opposition, as it has been the norm in the past.

4. Immediate investigation in the UBK with our own people due to information the police and UBK have wiretapped over 100 VMRO-DPMNE officials.

5. We seek immediate conclusion of the "Bribery" case in which Zoran Zaev seeks 200,000 euros in bribes on camera.

6. Forming of special prosecutor team which will oversee and probe the massive election fraud in 2016 and 2017, as well as the inclusion of police and state institutions in the fraud.

7. Drug traffickers and murderers were released from prisons for reasons only known to SDSM. We seek immediate release from prison of every single individual detained in Parliament's incidents back in April 27, 2017.

Minority party BESA also stated it doesn't recognize the eletion results as valid due to well documented fraud across the country.

But it is not just the opposition parties who did not recognize the election results. Zaev's own junior partner in Government, Zijadin Sela who leads the "Alliance for Albanians" party stated his party too doesn't recognize the elections results due to massive fraud. 

Sela stated DUI and the SDSM assisted by police and other state structures including the SEC committed massive electoral fraud, thus to his party despite being part of Government the election results are not valid.

Then why is Sela still in Parliament?


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