Hilarious: Senator Bob Corker who wants Trump impeached has taken over $60m in bribes
Friday, 10 November 2017

US Senator and Swamp rep Bob Corker who is adamant on removing Trump from office, has even filed motion to restrict Trump's authority to manage the US Armed forces as well as the nuclear arsenal , is himself deeply corrupted official and has increased his wealth by an astonishing 3469% since entering the US Senate, despite having an official salary of $174,000/year, which is around $90,000 after taxes and insurance.

Corker recently resigned as a Senator claiming he was disatisfied with the path and future of United States, however the real reason for his resignation is his obscene fortune of nearly $60m which he has obtained via bribery, commonly refered in the US as "lobbying" payouts.  The SEC and FBI are already investigating Corker. All of his financial crimes are neatly noted here.

Now that Corker is under investigation himself, it appears the shadowy US Government aka the Deep State has tasked the US senator to do as much damage to Trump as possible before the end of his term.

Coup d'etait at this stage in United States is extremely likely, which is perhaps fitting considering the billions the US Government spends each year to bring down foreign governments. It was only a matter of time to turn their focus at home.

The Deep State already has key individuals working to remove Trump from power and both parties, the Democrats and Republicans (which are essentially one party) have joined forces. "Independent" prosecutor Mueller who is a very close friend of ex FBI head James Comey and the Clintons has spent several months looking into innovative ways to remove Trump from office. What is even stranger is that Mueller himself was a key member in the coverup and illegal sale of uranium to Moscow, approved by Hillary. The entire fiasco happened under Mueller as the head of the FBI.

What makes things tougher for Trump in his dealings with the Deep State is that the CIA (fake news manufacturing machine) is assisting Mueller in this slow moving coup which started the day Trump won the elections.


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