Macedonian Govt Junta tries to intimidate citizens by arresting Actors, Singers, MPs
Tuesday, 28 November 2017

This morning, the SDS led Government junta arrested 16 public officials and prominent Macedonian personalities. The official charge is "terrorism" over their involvement in the April 27th protests in and around Parliament.

Unofficially, the arrested individuals have been determined to be a “threat” to the SDS junta and had to be detained due to their outspoken ways in public. In addition this is an intimidation tactic for the SDS junta to scare people into not protesting over the continued sale of the country's history, culture and the unconstitutional language law.

MINA finds, among the arrested are world renowned opera singer Igor Durlovski, actor Vlado Jovanovski, drama director Boris Damovski, former chief of DBK Mitko Chavkov, Veles native Goran Angelov – Kjoseto.

The SDS police also broke the law and ignored the fact MPs have immunity and detained several DPMNE MPs among which are: Zaklina Peshevska, Krsto Mukovski, Ljuben Arnaudov and others.

In the past three months, terrorists, jihadists and major criminals and drug traffickers were illegally freed from prison, but actors, singers and MPs were designated as "terrorists" and jailed.


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