Macedonia's communist junta arrest nephew of great patriot because of his last name
Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Macedonia's Communist junta has lost all senses with reality and jailed Jane Chento, the grandnephew of Macedonian ASNOM leader and first president Metodija Andonov Chento.

According to the Court, the reason for the arrest is simply his famous last name which "could pose a threat to the state". Metodija Andonov Chento was the head of the armed resistance against the Bulgarian fascists in WW2. He was jailed for his activities in 1944.

The unhinged Government charged Jane Chento with "terrorism" charges for... carrying the name Chento.

Macedonia's communists jailed Chento yet again in 1946 for his work on the creation of independent Macedonia. He died in prison. Today, the offspring of the Macedonian communists who call themselves "social democrats" jailed Chento's nephew simply for being the nephew of a great Macedonian patriot.


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