Non Meddling USA has own candidate in Russian presidential elections
Sunday, 24 December 2017

Supporters of opposition figure Aleksey Navalny have endorsed him for president in the election scheduled for March 2018, and prepare to send his nomination to the election commission.

The opposition activist won the initial support of 742 people at a gathering in Moscow, above the minimum 500 required to launch a presidential bid. At least 20 cities across the country hosted rallies in his support. The rally was funded by, you guessed it, American based 'NGOs'.

Who is Navalny? He is the inside man of the US Deep State, whose sole job is "regime change". 

This would be the same if the US president was a graduate of Moscow State University and his education was financed by the Kremlin.

A handful of Russian nationalists seem to like him. But he is definitely not the Nationalist choice in the 2018 elections, that’s for sure. While Navalny has had a bit of a shitlord past where he would throw out ethnic slurs from time to time and talk about Russia for Russians, it’s really not as controversial as all that. Lots of Russians used to say similar things, especially in the 90s. And lots of Russians say these things in the company of their friends or colleagues. It’s not really a massive declaration of one’s true loyalties. In fact, latent nationalism is a powerful force in Russia, and every opposition candidate tries to dip into it.

Navalny’s core base are young, delusional liberal arts students who want to live in the West. They’re nice enough, even if they’re a bit cucked and naive about the nature of the modern West.


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