Crazy in Syria: Al Qaeda allows Turkish convoy through, Russia and Syria attack convoy
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Last night a Turkish military convoy entered northern Syria and were allowed to travel through territory controlled by the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front. This was captured on a video taken by an Al-Nusra militant himself.

The Turkish military brought a dozen armored vehicles from Turkey's Hatay province and has attempted to take up positions near the Syrian Army in Point 4 in the Tal Al-Eis area of southern Aleppo countryside.

This is now irrefutable evidence of NATO-member Turkey directly colluding with a terrorist organization, the excuse it gives to battle the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in nearby Afrin.

In response to this move, the Syrian Army used artillery strikes to halt the convoy from advancing further into Syrian territory. There are also strong reports that the Russian airforce used its warplanes to drop some bombs ahead of the Turkish convoy to not sustain casualties, but send a strong warning to not advance further.

The reason for the Turkish military taking up positions against the Syrian Army are not yet known.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, artillery forces of the Syrian Arab Army fired what appears to have been warning shots just ahead of the approach path of a Turkish convoy inbound to a key area in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo province.

A large Turkish Army military convoy consisting of armored vehicles has had a Syrian Army artillery barrage fired just ahead of its advance route in southwest Aleppo province as it was en-route to the strategic area of Tal Al-Eis on Sunday night.

The Syrian Army artillery strikes landed in and around the town of Qammari just before Turkish forces were due to pass through it.
The Turkish Armed Forces have reportedly left the western countryside of the Aleppo Governorate after parking there last night.
According to pro-opposition pages, the Turkish Army convoy consists of at least a dozen armored vehicles and several military personnel.
The Turkish Army convoy that left western Aleppo for the southern countryside today was halted after a mysterious explosion destroyed two of the vehicles along the road to Tal Al-'Eis.

According to one source in Aleppo, a fuel storage depot exploded near the Syrian border-town of Atareb, while another report claimed that the convoy struck a mine planted along the road to the southern countryside of the province.

Pro-opposition pages initially reported that the convoy was targeted by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA); however, SAA sources have denied targeting the Turkish troops.

In addition to accusing the Syrian Army of targeting the convoy, pro-opposition pages claimed that at least one Turkish soldier was killed by the explosion.

Below are two pictures that were posted by the jihadist rebels of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham:

Turkish convoy

Turkish convoy halted after a mysterious explosion
Turkish convoy halted

Turkish convoy halted after a mysterious explosion

The Arabic-language website of RT reported that the artillery and missile units of the Syrian army targeted a Turkish army convoy by over 30 artillery shells and missiles near the town of al-Eis in Southern Aleppo.

In the meantime, media activists said that several Russian warplanes pounded the Turkish convoy that tried to go through the regions that are under the Syrian Army control near al-Eis and near the highway that connects Aleppo to Damascus.

They further said that two Turkish F-16 fighter jets flew over Kamari region where the Turkish military column was targeted by the Syrian artillery and missile units, adding that five Russian fighter jets were also flying over Abu al-Dhohour in Southeastern Idlib.

Also, dissident-affiliated sources reported that the Turkish warplanes flew over Aleppo airspace to provide back-up for the Turkish military column in Tal (hill) al-Eis and bombed a region in al-Hadher.

Local sources said that almost 100 military vehicles, including 15 tanks of the Turkish army together with military equipment of Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) entered Syrian territories and tried to deploy behind Tal al-Eis that overlooks the Syrian Army's positions in al-Hadher region in Southern Aleppo.

Militant-affiliated websites said that the Turkish convoy launched attacks on Syrian Army positons after their deployment near Tal al-Eis.


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