Kurds using NATO weapons against Turkey, a key NATO member
Friday, 02 February 2018

The Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) launched a big counter-assault in the northwestern countryside of the Afrin region against the Turkish backed rebels in the Bulbul District on Thursday, but where is the YPG getting it’s weapons from? Sputnik spoke to Turkish military analysts to find the answer.

Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankin-Galloway responding to a question from a Hürriyet correspondent, on whether the armed forces of Turkey and the United States will clash in Manbij, and commenting on the situation around Afrin, said, “Those armed forces now in Afrin are not groups with which we cooperate in the fight against Daesh. We do not provide them with support in the form of weapons and do not engage in their training.”

Speaking to Sputnik Turkey about the possibility that the weapons in possession of the YPG can’t be purchased on the black market, security expert Mete Yarar said, “Is it possible to find in the world’s black market such anti-tank missile systems as Milan, TOW and AT4? Of course not. In recent days, the YPG from time to time publish images of weapons that are used in the Afrin area against Turkish tanks and military. We know that these weapons weren’t previously supplied by the US to the Kurdish forces to fight against Daesh. If these weapons are in the Afrin area, then the US statements that the “Democratic Union Party (PYD) uses these weapons only in the territories east of the Euphrates ceases to be valid.”

Yarar also noted that these weapons had been repeatedly used against Turkish soldiers in Turkey by the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).


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