ISIS running out of men, Ladies, are you reading this?
Thursday, 08 February 2018

According to Directorate 4, a Telegram channel monitoring the terrorists' activities, in spite of their ample stock of weapons and ammunition, Daesh's main problem now is clearly the lack of manpower.

Downplaying the desperation of their situation, the video, which includes an English-language narration, praises the "chaste mujahid women journeying to her Lord with the garments of purity and faith," and describes their use in combat as a "campaign that commences a new era of conquest."

Surrounded on all sides, the territories under Daesh's control now include only several small, isolated pockets, mostly in eastern Syria, where they continue to be pushed back by Syrian and Kurdish Syrian forces advancing from the southwest and northeast, respectively. Over the past two years, Syrian, Iraqi, and Syrian Kurdish forces have systematically freed most cities and towns from the jihadists.


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