Long lost Pelagonian Kindgom Discovered!?
Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Archeologists are certain the locality of Bonce is the long lost fourth Macedonian kingdom, the city of Pelagonia. The latest discoveries led by Professor Viktor Lilcic showed a massive royal grave site, one of a kind in the Balkans.
The only other similar site is Pella in Aegean Macedonia.

“According to the way this was built, the brilliance behind it, and just from the sheer size of the grave site, we believe the king of Pelagonia had been buried here. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who.” says Dr. Antonio Jakimovski, coordinator of Archeological Research.

The grave site is from the 4th century B.C. when the kingdom of the Pelagonians was around. It was suggested the site had been robbed even in Antic times.

“This is one of the rarest gravesites not just in the Balkans, but globally that goes back to the 4th century BC.” says Jakimovski.

The site is located right underneath the hill of Visoka where it is suggested to be the site of the city of Pelagonia. Unfortunately, the Government did not allocate funds this year for the Visoka location.

Archeologists have been searching for the city of Pelagonia and the Pelagonian kingdom for more than 150 years.
This find will undoubtedly make funds available for Visoka in 2009.

Just two years ago, near the hill of Visoka were discovered three Macedonian Shields of King Demetrij with the Vergina Sun embedded on them. The shields are currently undergoing restorations.
When completed, the world will see for the first time how did the shields of the Macedonian phalanx look like.


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