Ireland told to change Song, because of Macedonia
Saturday, 22 March 2008
Eurovision song of Irish representative Dustin the turkey, must be changed because Macedonia is mentioned. This was the note the Irish representative received from the European Broadcasting Union. The EBU wouldn't confirm if the pressure came from Greece (ERT).

"We did not mean to offend Macedonia or Greece with our song. Geography is not our strong side. You probably noticed that because in our song we claim the Danube river goes through France." said the Irish Eurovision representative Dustin the turkey.

The "problematic" verse, that the EBU felt it must be changed, is shown below:

Eastern Europe we love you
Do you like Irish stew?
Or goulash as it is to you?
Shake your feathers
Listen Bulgaria we love you
Belarus, Georgia, Montenegro,
Moldavia, Albania, Croatia,
Poland, Russia, Ukraine,
Macedonia, Love you Turkey
Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia,
Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina
And donít forget the Swiss!


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