Lamberto Dini: NATO internvention on Serbia could have been prevented
Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Former Italian foreign minister Lamberto Dini stated that NATO's military intervention against Serbia could have been prevented unless a word had been erased from the Rambouillet Agreement. He said that Western powers, USA and Serbia were very close to reaching a deal.

- The problem was only one adjective. Serbia urged the word "military" not to be included in the agreement and only "international presence" to be cited. However, USA insisted NATO to be able to enter the province, said Dini.

In his address at the Bocconi Institute in Milan, Dini noted that in the ensuing crisis, Italy pledged the bombardment to be limited only to military aims, but Pentagon wanted blank permission for all kinds of aims.

He stressed that the conflict ended not only because of the bombardment, but because Russia halted its assistance to Serbia.


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