Say 'No' to Greece and Nimetz
Wednesday, 26 March 2008
The name is not defended on the street, with yelling, using primitive Macedonian, and especially not with hulliganism. The name is not defended with inner fighting, pointing finger and hidden joy with the hope the Government will loose the name fight. Yes SDSM, I am talking about you.
All of this is happening, can't you see?

So called “experts”, “intellectuals”, “journalists” are constantly complaining that we will loose our name, our country, our identity and nation. Yet they always fail to tell us what should we do! They are talking to the streets, they are feeding us information as if they are campaigning for elections!

I can only say that they are very irresponsible, and much less rational in their response to the Athens provocations, their press and hot headed ultra nationalists who should not be located in Europe, much less in the EU, yet they somehow are. It must be the Mediterranean sea.

My colleagues Ministers, Experts for EU and NATO, the two bastions of democracy and universal human rights, are sorry that the Yunanistans from the South Balkans were admitted in their ranks.
I am told this daily, with sadness and resignation, and are expecting of us to be the smarter ones and let it go.
We could, perhaps, if we were even in the guilt. But we aren't. Greece is an undemocratic country, doesn't respect the benefits of the EU, has never shown unity with defensive responsibilities in NATO.
If somone needs to be vetoed and to be kicked out from both European Organizations of Democratic and Unified Countries,  it is Greece.

Once again we sat ourselves up for the Greeks, and they constantly send us Troyan horses, one after another, so we don't start  campaigning and ask our allies in NATO and EU if they really needed a deranged country that breaks universal human rights. And isn't this type of a country a contradiction to NATO and the EU?

There is no Nimetz package. Presently there are open discussions and talks how the next talks would go for Greece's problem with our name.
The talks themselves are our maximum compromise to which the Greeks have no solution. Only from that angle, we have enough reasons in the name of our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Lebanon .... to ask for Greece's suspension from NATO. In fact, Greece should be simply removed from NATO.

Is there a country on this planet, such as ours, which allows itself talks about its name with a different country, and while being blackmailed?
There isn't a country that has brought more headaches to NATO than Greece.
Greece is in constant military tensions with Turkey, they still have territorial ambitions, and now they turned to us, another neighbor and create another crisis. They have quarreled with us, and even more damaging, with NATO and EU, with warnings, threats.

If you read the NATO statute, you will see that this organization was created so it would eliminate the behavior that Greece has manifested for 40 years and counting.

Greece will deserve to be permanently removed from NATO with their veto threat, to which it doesn't have the right to, if it continues with its aggressive threats towards Macedonia and damages NATO's organization, its credibility and unity. And is already doing so.

NATO's foundation is based on unity and Greece is knifing it.
Not accepting Macedonia into NATO will mean NATO breaking its own rules and statute.
Macedonia is by far more democratic than  Greece. In every sense of the word. While Macedonia makes sure every minority enjoys fullest rights even giving more rights than the EU statute for human rights, Greece is doing just the opposite, threatens Macedonians, Turks, Albanians simply because they don't want to be Greeks.
Macedonia is involved with 4% of its Army in all NATO combat operations, while Greece is virtually non existent in NATO with 0.1% of its Army, all of them in non-combat roles.
Not accepting Macedonia in NATO, will show that NATO is a joke, not only because it shows no unity, but because it fails on the test of strategic EU defenses.

Macedonia should not and will not accept any blackmail from anyone. 

Macedonia will be NATO's member, with or without Greece. For us it's good enough to affirm our values. If we don't enter NATO this year, we can enter perhaps another year. Macedonia looses, but we will have our name, our dignity. You can't put a price on your name, identity and dignity with a membership to an organization. No thank you NATO. 

We are certainly not perfect, but have always been better than the Greeks.

Nothing more.

S. C. 


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