Greek minority in Serbia appeals to Greece not to recognize Kosovo
Thursday, 27 March 2008

Greek minority living in Serbia have appealed to Greece to not recognize Kosovo’s unilateral secession.

The Greek national minority council and Association of Greeks in Serbia stated that Kosovo's independence would endanger stability in the region and disrupt the traditional friendship of the two nations.

“We, Greeks in Serbia, feel concern over the fact that the Greek government has remained silent regarding the self-proclamation of the fake state of Kosovo."

"We appeal to Greece to not destroy everything honorable and good - which it has done until now by supporting a devoted friend and ally in this region,” the organizations state.

The appeal adds that a wrong decision in the matter by the Greek government would "ruin what has taken a long time to build between the two countries". Despite the plea, it is expected Greece will recognize Kosovo.

Venezuela will not recognize Kosovo

Meanwhile, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said yesterday that his country would not recognize Kosovo’s independence.

In a statement from his press service reported by Reuters, Chavez said that the new European "state" of Kosovo was imposed by the U.S.

He also blamed the U.S. for the violent protests in Tibet over the last two weeks which, according to Chavez, have the goal of destabilizing China.

The Venezuelan leader said that the protests in Tibet are an example of "American imperialist politics against China in an effort to divide the Asian power."


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