Lets speed things up
Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I am 2 for 2. It'd be perfect if I go 3 for 3. The lawsuits are here. First the Aegean Macedonians, now the Government taking Athens to the Hague. My 3 for 3 will be complete when Macedonia puts an end to the negotiations.

The Hague lawsuit is significant from several angles. Cards will open up, lots of cards. It will not necessarily put Macedonia in a better position, because NATO and the EU has kept their eyes shut, silently siding with the Balkan bully, who with lack of any arguments use their membership to EU and NATO as a cover to gain (read steal) what doesn't belong to them.

According to international legal experts, it's extremely likely for Macedonia to win at the Hague. Apart from arguments being on Macedonia's side, at no point in time did Greece hide their abrasiveness, in fact, Athens was rather proud and boasted of being able to blackmail and prevent Macedonia from joining international organizations.

True, with a Hague win not much will change. The Hague will end up making a recommendation that Greece ought to respect Macedonia's eurointegration process and that's about it. Greece will not loose any sleep over the loss, they have lost quite a few cases already. To Athens this will be just another day in the office.
But wait. There is a twist.
If Greece doesn't respect the Hague ruling, the court is allowed to seek assistance from the UN Security Council who then takes over.

Athens will be very busy in the incoming years. Thousands of domestic lawsuits by Macedonians seeking their properties back, worth 12 billion euros, and a major court case at the Hague. Greece's main opposition party PASOK has already condemned the shaky Karamanlis Government that for years its foreign politics doesn't extend beyond Macedonia.

What is Greece's plan:
Official Athens has a very simple, two point plan.
1.Force Macedonia to change the name, let Macedonia in NATO.
2.Force Macedonia to change identity, language, let Macedonia in EU.

The EU as well as the Macedonian Government is fully aware of this, hence the Hague suit. The Macedonian Government with its foreign minded president are both in the know that Greece under no circumstance will allow Macedonia in the EU unless it capitulates to all Greek demands. Even then any EU accession will be brought into question, as Athens will reveal new demands (history books, cities, airports...).

Even though the ICJ is heavily influenced by the EU, it is after all an independent institution which should look at the facts and not be deterred that Greece at one point was sucked into the EU as a member.
I stand behind my already known statement that Macedonia should immediately get out of the negotiations. The only price Macedonia will pay is keep its dignity and earn a deserved respect worldwide. As the saying goes, if you don't respect yourself, nobody will.

There are numerous cases at the ICJ as of this moment. A case of Mexico vs the US; Croatia vs Serbia; Romania vs Ukraine; Slovakia vs Hungary etc.

The Hague trial is just a slow process of ending the negotiations. Lets speed things up. //11.18.08 //Gorazd V.


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