Crvenkovski, the godfather of the Macedonian Mafia
Thursday, 25 December 2008

We have witnessed numerous reports regarding the current Macedonian president Branko Crvenkovski about his extended hands not just with the Macedonian underground, rather throughout the Balkans.

These reports in particular started coming out after the Bucharest veto earlier this year, and the subsequent stance of Branko Crvenkovski regarding the dispute with Greece. All cards were open, Crvenkovski publicly sided with the Greek Government. At last night's press conference in Gostivar which Crvenkovski attended as SDSM's man in charge (it is uncostitutional for a president to represent a party), the president once more urged Macedonia to change the name, as reported by Kanal 5, Sitel, A1. All of these things led to former and current associates of Crvenkovski to spill secrets, which is something the citizens are all too aware of.

Who is Branko Crvenkovski?
Born in Saraevo, in 1962, at the age of 29 became the leader of the Communist Party, currently going by the name of SDSM (Social Democratic Union).
In 1991 when Macedonia became independent, Crvenkovski became famous for sending Macedonian soldiers to die fighting for the Yugoslav National Army (YNA) in Bosnia and Croatia. This is well documented.
2,000 soldiers were sent, of which 57 died. Ljupco Georgievski, the young VMRO-DPMNE leader created chaos by going to Skopje’s main Train station when he threw bricks into the windows of the Trains, thus preventing more Macedonian soldiers from going to Bosnia. Most Macedonians aren’t aware of this.

At 30, Crvenkovski via the first ever multi party elections in independent Macedonia, became the first Prime Minister of Macedonia. Not bad for someone who was against independent Macedonia. The elections were marred by ballot staffing at virtually every polling station.

Jobless Macedonians
285,000 people lost their jobs during the first two years of Crvenkovski's mandate. The ones who were lucky enough to keep their jobs saw their salaries slashed by 70%. What had occurred from 1992 to 1994, had crippled Macedonia so much, that even today, Macedonian workers aren’t able to get back to their salaries from the 1980’s.

1994-1998: Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski wins another mandate as PM, through yet another election marred by fraud and staffing ballot boxes. Even the EU took notice of it, though SDSM journalists in Brussels did their part by explaining to the EU of the ‘dangers’ posed by VMRO if they were to come to power. The dangers being, VMRO may stop the corruption and crime. The very same journalists from Utrinski and Dnevnik are still in Brussels, it’s a mother and daughter team.

For a fee, Branko Crvenkovski, Kiro Gligorov, Ljubomir Frckovski, Denko Maleski, orchestrate the sale of Macedonia’s culture and history to Greece at the United Nations.

Macedonian citizens were not aware of the sale, after it had happened, were told “this is a temporary name, just for few weeks”.
For another fee, another sale, Branko Crvenkovski and Gligorov changed Macedonia’s flag.
Kiro Gligorov had second thoughts after the flag change and the second sale to Athens, warns Branko what they did was wrong and may face justice one day. He also tells Branko to stop the destruction of Macedonia’s companies and economy.
Soon after, there is an assassination attempt on Gligorov. He survives, his driver is killed. Gligorov removed himself from the public scene, to this day remains in obscurity.

PM Crvenkovski and his Greek partner in crime buddy Ljubomir Fcrkovski the Minister of Interior at the time, were in total control.
Forum Magazine who at one point was tied to the SDSM, few weeks ago published an article titled “Crvenkovski is the godfather of the Mafia.” No Kidding!

Around 40 companies were shut down from 1992-1998. The companies were purposley shut down so they lose their value and were later "privatized" i.e. given away for free to Crvenkovski's cronies. During the 6 year reign, Crvenkovski positioned SDSM party members in charge of all privatized companies, Courts, Hospitals, Universities, NGO’s, sent permanent ‘journalists’ in Brussels. B.C. extended his hands/rule like an octopus.
The CEO’s of (Feni, Tehnometal, Beton…) were all appointed by Crvenkovski. To this day these companies are partially funding the SDSM party.  Just a month ago, Crvenkovski ordered a strike from FENI workers in front of Government, they complied. The other part of the funding, of course, comes from Athens.

Branko Crvenkovski has so far changed everything that he was instructed to change from Athens. The acronym in the UN, flag is changed, the constitution. The only ‘problem’ at the moment for the SDSM is PM Gruevski who has prevented Crvenkovski and his party to do the final change of the name and get an additional bonus from Athens that would keep the party going for years to come.
How much money is the SDSM getting from Athens since early 1990's? No one knows for sure, though some examples of the extravagant lifestyles of Branko Crvenkovski and Ljubomir Frckovski may clear things up.
At an airport in Germany, Ljubomir Frckovski purchased 2,000 euros buttons for his shirt, and spent 45,000 euros for a watch. Frckovski has a 550 euros monthly salary in Skopje. This information came from a disgruntled colleague of Frckovski who leaked it to the Skopje media. There is a lot of information currently leaked to the media about B.C. and L.F., all of it from their former friends, colleagues and partners in crime who are fed up with their activities against Macedonia.
Frckovski is also known as the only Historian to be invited to speak at Greek Universities. The small problem is that Frckovski teaches Law in Skopje. I hope he is pretty good in history and Greeks get their money’s worth.

The recent crackdown on criminals by the VMRO led Government exposed even further ties between SDSM, Crvenkovski and crime lords. The recent arrest of the Kumanovo Tobacco Mafioso Bajrus Sejdiu (the one who tried to escape to Kosovo), exposed his connection with high ranking corrupt judges belonging to the SDSM party. There was an avalanche of reactions from Branko Crvenkovski that charged PM Gruevski of turning Macedonia into a police state. What B.C. was trying to say is “don’t arrest the people who pay me fees, those are my people”.

Crvenkovski never hid his ties to Athens. He protested numerous times against the Government regarding the lawsuits about the return of land and properties of Aegean Macedonians as well as the suit in Hague. Crvenkovski is strongly against both. Not surprising, the Macedonians in Macedonia and in the diaspora have had it with B.C. The New Jersey diaspora refused to meet or host the Macedonian president on his visit to the US. A slap in the face for anyone, let alone for a 'president'.

What is Branko Crvenkovski up to today?
Crvenkovski at the moment is closely associated with Erwan Fouere, the EU representative to Macedonia. Both have been seen holding frequent meetings. Both have many things in common, the beard, and the fact that they are rarely sober. Erwan Fouere treats Crvenkovski as the president and the leader of the opposition, which he will be soon. There have been few carefully placed articles in Crvenkovski’s controlled newspapers Utrinski and Dnevnik that DUI is not happy with VMRO and may step out of the Government. Crvenkovski is luring DUI to join the opposition, that way they can put more pressure on VMRO if not to take the Government down, at least to stop arresting major criminals who provide funding for the SDSM. It's not known whether the DUI party will bite into Crvenkovski's offer.

Where does Fouere fit here? Erwan needs to be the “EU pressure”, even though on more than dozen occasions Erwan is meddling in the work of the Government and expressing his own opinions and doesn’t quite fit the profile of an EU Representative.

What about the Next Macedonian President?
Srgjan Kerim
He may be the next Macedonian president. This would be like having Branko Crvenkovski and Sekerinska be president and vice president. I can not picture a worse choice for Macedonian president at the moment.
He was Macedonia's Ambassador to Germany during Crvenkovski’s time as Prime Minister. Srgjan Kerim is the president of WAZ Media Group for SE Europe. Waz Media Group owns Utrinski Vesnik, a newspaper who loses millions of Euros annually, yet it continues to be published. Utrinski is 100% tied to the SDSM and Crvenkovski. Kerim’s connection to Crvenkovski is undeniable and has been there for more than 15 years. While president at the UN Assembly, he did nothing to help Macedonia in its dispute with Greece, simply followed instructions by Crvenkovski.

My #1 Choice for next Macedonian President
Imer Selmani
I am not alone in this. At a recent poll, many ethnic Macedonians said they would vote for Selmani if he were to be a candidate. This just goes to show you that Macedonains are the least discriminating people in the Balkans, though most people already know this.
Why I would vote for Selmani?
He used to be a member of the DPA, now has his own party. As a Minister of Health, did his job better than any of his predecessors.  When his party boycotted Parliament, he saw it as a childish political play and continued to go to work and do his job. When he heard citizens complain that they were overcharged in a pharmacy store, he went around Skopje’s pharmacy stores to see who is trying to overcharge people and punish those pharmacies. Now, what Minister has done or will do this? Oh, and a small thing, Imer is on par with Gruevski when it comes to Athens. It would be strange for Macedonia to have a president who works for Macedonia and isn’t on the payroll of a foreign country.
Imer Selmani is what Americans would call “For the People, By the People”. I will vote for him.
Happy New Year folks,
Gorazd V.


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