VMRO asks the SDSM to cool off
Sunday, 29 March 2009

VMRO-DPMNE's spokesperson Aleksandar Bicikliski in todays' press conference has appealed for calm period before the runoff elections scheduled for April 5th.

This comes as a result of yesterdays violent incident in downtown Skopje where a group of young SDSM supporters from the Faculty of Architecture, protested against the building of a church on Skopje's main square.

The SDSM group was attacked by passers by who became irritated by their anti-christian signs. Once the opposing group found out the protesters were from the SDSM, it quickly turned violent with protesters being dragged out and pushed to the ground. 

The SDSM and president Crvenkovski called the incident a 'product of Gruevski and Jankulovska fascism in Macedonia'.

VMRO's spokesperson Bichikliski has asked the SDSM to not organize protests with political agenda. Bichikliski also stated that top people of the SDSM were involved in organizing the protest, including Vlade Milcin, head of Soros NGO (Open Society) who is well known as SDSM financier and close friend of Crvenkovski. Jovan Despotovski was also captured by TV cameras, who is better known as the right hand of Radmila Sekerinska. The daughter of long time SDSM man Gjuner Ismail was the leader of the students protest.

The ruling party has asked the SDSM to step back from initiating violent incidents, as they have already lost the elections, and are now only ruining Macedonia's image abroad. //03.29.09 MiNa


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