MEP Deva: No one takes Greece seriously
Saturday, 11 April 2009

British member of EU Parliament Nirj Deva today spoke to Macedonian media about the so called 'name dispute' with Greece.  According to him, Greece is becoming increasingly isolated in the EU to a point that no MEP's take the Greek MEP's seriously.

"With great level of certainty, I can say that Greece does not have a big lobby in the EU. The Greeks themselves are seeing that we are openly laughing in their faces at how absurd their demands and comments are regarding Macedonia. Their immature responses coming from a mature administration does not bode well for the regional and global security" says Nirj Deva, MEP.

"The Macedonian army is presently in Afghanistan, we appreciate their contribution in the fight against terrorism and illicit drugs and this is why we believe Greece's response to be immature", added Deva.

Strong rhetoric from Karamanlis

Earlier today, Greek PM while visiting Pella, issued a strong statement that Macedonia must change its name if it wishes to join Euro-Atlantic organizations. Karamanlis' party ND has seen a dip in recent polls and is destined to lose the next elections. According to Greek Media, Karamanlis has said he would step down as the head of ND and may retire if his party loses the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, Greece's stance has been severely damaged by the U.S. Administration. The U.S. was Athens' last hope that some of the big powers may change their mind and side with Greece. President Obama's speech at the NATO Summit confirmed the U.S. policy will not change, as expected.

Cards are Open

Athens for the first time, have officially admitted their aim is to completely wipe out the term "Macedonian". The name of the country had only been a starting point. Greek FM Bakoyannis in a letter to her Macedonian counterpart, revealed that the "name" game had been started to erase the nationality of the Macedonians, which will be replaced with a geographical term.  

One of MiNas political analysts says the Macedonian Government has no intention to backtrack at all with Greece, because if it does, Albania will use their NATO membership to seek cultural and or territorial autonomy from Macedonia (Serbia, Montenegro). The same source says the name dispute will not be solved for years to come.

“Presently Athens is pushing for things, led by their belief the Macedonian Government will crack because of their desire to quickly enter the EU and NATO. For these purposes Athens is using several Macedonian politicians to achieve their dirty goals. When Athens realizes their aims are not achievable and or their proxies inside Macedonia are too weak or defeated, they will simply give up. Macedonia should not be in a hurry to enter any organization,” says our analyst while giving kudos to the Government for their lawsuit at the Hague which will bring further spotlight and international attention.

It also suggests Macedonia to increase its lobbying in the EU and continue to nourish great bilateral ties with the U.S.A, Italy, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. //04.12.09

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