Coca Cola: Macedonia makes the best Coke
Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The best Coca Cola in the world is made in Macedonia's capital.

The Skopje Brewery received today the award "Best Bottling Company", out of a total of 178 companies across the world, from the representatives of Coca Cola Company.

In addition to this award, Skopje Brewery's was also recognized by the Coca Cola Hellenic Group for its exceptional quality of products.

"The quality of our products is the top priority of the Coca Cola Company, and our colleagues from Skopje Brewery achieved the highest results in this area. This stands as a proof of their extraordinary professionalism and dedication," said Tim Brett, the Business Unit President at Coca-Cola, congratulating the 85th anniversary of the Skopje Brewery.

"This marks the first time for Coca-Cola Hellenic to award a high recognition for quality of products to some of the companies that are part of our group," said Gary Brewster, the quality, audit and compliance director for Coca-Cola Hellenic, a company which is currently present in 28 countries.

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