Skopje with highest crime rate
Tuesday, 04 August 2009

Over one half of criminal acts registered in the first half of 2009 took place in Skopje municipal area. To be exact, there were 6,285 criminal acts in the first six months of the year registered in Skopje.

Tetovo follows with 1,229, Kumanovo with 1,063, Bitola with 957, Strumica with 922, Stip with 609, Ohrid with 593, and Veles with 557 criminal acts registered. There were 492 grand larcenies with violence.

Out of that, there were17 murders, 13 attempted murders, 115 grave assaults, 20 extortions, two blackmails, 15 illegal arrests, eight kidnappings and 302 robberies.

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