Four Macedonian soldiers injured in Afghan blast
Saturday, 15 August 2009

Four Macedonian soldiers sustained light injuries on their faces after a suicide car bomb exploded outside the main gate of the NATO-led military mission Saturday in Kabul, the Ministry of Defense says in a press release.

The car bomb went off at 08:40 a.m. local time while the soldiers were conducting their regular activities within the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

The soldiers, who sustained face scratches, were immediately treated for their injuries. Due to their stable health condition, the Macedonian Army (ARM) troops were released to resume their activities.

- According to latest official information obtained from an ARM representative serving in the ISAF mission, an estimated 300 kilograms of explosives in a motor vehicle - suicide car bomb - were activated. Initially it has been reported that the explosives were detonated by a suicide bomber, reads Ministry's press release.

Currently, the Kabul-based ISAF main command is guarded by 148 ARM troops of the second mechanised infantry company. A total of 164 ARM soldiers are deployed in this mission.


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