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Kosovo Albanians burn Macedonian flag
Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Commenting an incident taking place at a football match in Pristina, Macedonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) says that in such sensitive moments each undertaken step should be in favor of calming, not further stirring of tensions.

- Every responsible factor in the society should most fiercely condemn such extreme acts, MoFA said Tuesday in a press release.

Macedonia's Liaison Offise in Pristina called on Kosovo authorities to take all legal measures for identifying and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

- Mutual trust and respect are being built for a long-term and each side should contribute to that effect. Kosovo, as the youngest country in the region, is expected to demonstrate its capacity in such situations to act appropriately in favor of good-neighborly relations and regional stability, the press release reads.

Macedonia's flag was set on fire yesterday in Pristina's city stadium during a football match between local clubs "Pristina" and "Vlaznimi", Kosovo media in Albanian language reported Tuesday.

Anti-Macedonian slogans were displayed on stadium's stands as well, the media said.

News outlets in Kosovo say the incident comes as a result of the "discontent stemming from the Macedonian Encyclopedia".

Comments (6)
1. 30-09-2009 21:59
what do you expect? That\'s the level...
macedonian lady
2. 30-09-2009 13:40
well done albanian
3. 30-09-2009 11:03
Why doesn't Kosovo's pseudo-govt conde
Yet the Albanians already dictate what can and can't be on the national coat of arms? 
If they feel Albanian, then they should be considered traitors, anti-Macedonian, stripped of their Macedonian citizenship and the Macedonian government can pay for their ticket to kosovo or Albania. 
By allowing them to continue for so long, it's clear they don't care for Macedonia and only care for pan-albanian ideas.
4. 30-09-2009 02:04
Why doesn't Kosovo's pseudo-govt conde
Shame on Kosovar fans. With such behavior,they have shown to be in the same level with Macedonian academics. Nothing can justify such shameful acts. Even the fact that were Macedonians academicians the initiators of this hatering campaign. I believe that the Kosovar society will have to distance itself from this kind of protest.
5. 29-09-2009 16:24
tough for diplomatic ties
I doubt Macedonia will ever open Embassy in Kosovo...
6. 29-09-2009 15:10
good for them
As if the Albanians can read? 
Besides, the truth always hurts.

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