Greece offers Money to Macedonia for the name
Sunday, 20 April 2008

Image "Greece will increase the financial support of its northern neighbor and will remove the visa regime if Skopje distances itself from the stubborn position for its name" says Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis in todays interview for 'Apogevmatini'.

"Athens will invest 75 million euros for the highway infrastructure of Corridor 10, which connects the neighboring country with Greece and EU, will invest in business and will gradually remove the visas". says Bakoyannis.

She adds, "Greece wants a solution to the name dispute as soon as possible".

According to Bakoyannis, the chances to find a solution before the elections are very small, but they should increase after June 1st.

"The Government in Athens doesn't look at a 'specific' name. There are numerous proposals which we are discussing, but we are still not in that phase," says Bakoyannis.

After Nimetz's visit, there is a positive and optimistiv view on the name dispute in Athens.

Meanwhile, Athens media informs, prime minister Karamanlis is visiting Moscow to explain and lobby for the Greek position on the name dispute. 


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