The Advantages of Alternative Health are just around the corner. Welcome to our Alternative Medicine Section.
Our journey will be discovering the joy and advantages of alternative health and herbal remedies so we can start living naturally and become healthier the natural way.
Alternative Health Herbal Salves
What is it, how to make it
The History of Aromatherapy
Scent cures
Garlic, the natural Antibiotic
Discover the Garlic wonders
Herb reduces symptoms of Osteoarthritis
Coffee is good for ya
Turkish coffee every morning will do the trick
Natural Remedies for Allergic Reactions
History of Acupuncture
Learn about Acupuncture and its benefits
Make A Homemade Body Cleanse (Master Cleanse Recipe)
Herbal Medicines For Thyroid Disorders
natural ways to cure
Annoying Symptoms of Menopause and How to Handle Them