Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, Jerry Springer material
Sunday, 01 March 2009

- Greece needs to accept the reality, 2/3 of the UN have recognized Macedonia, besides, Macedonia has been around before Greece was, said Dora Grosomanidou, a Greek Ambassador to Macedonia in an interview for Financial Times on 04.07.2007.
Mrs. Grosomanidou was sacked by the Greek Government the following day because she dared to disagree with Greek policies.

One may just imagine what did the new job opening for a Greek Ambassador in Macedonia looked like, now that Athens was burned by Dora Grosomanidou...

Position:  Ambassador to Macedonia.

Employer: Greek Government

Qualifications: Must be zany, lack of ability to think, comprehend or speak coherently. Ability of independent thoughts is highly undesirable.
Ability to create tensions at events to which you are not invited is a major asset. Embarrassing the Ambassadorial post itself, also, an asset.

Ability to influence Macedonian politicians and foreign emissaries to not show up for Greeceís national holiday and other events held at the Embassy in Skopje is strongly desired.

- Alexandra Papadopolou hired.


Or think of it this way, imagine the Macedonian Ambassador going to Athens and yelling at a conference (in Athens) that Greece canít use their name. This, from an individual who is temporarily allowed in a country where you can quite quickly become a persona-non-grata. Only a short fused individual with even shorter brain cells would do such a thing.

Yet, the Greek Ambassador did it. First she interrupted the speaker numerous times, until the speaker allowed her access to the mic,  to see what she had to say, though secretly hoping she would shut up. She did her thing and left. The speaker sighs, checks his list of invitees, the Greek Ambassador is not on it. The outburst was because Macedonia had used its name at a conference in Macedonia.

Undoubtedly, Jerry Springer is expected to contact Mrs. Papadopolou where she is destined for stardom. Meanwhile, I expect the Macedonian Government will send a note to Mrs. Papadopolous to pack her bags. //Pero Stamatovski (MiNa) 02.28.09